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The beginnings of our aluminium & glass constructions

The history of Düpmann Aluminium Systeme began in 1985 in Germany with the development of its own filigree, stable and easy-to-install aluminum profile system. The company started to produce convenient and durable aluminum constructions "around a house". The product line is continuously improving and the company is going ahead with more and more innovations.

Since its foundation, the Düpmann company has been constantly growing and has become a significant player in the highly competitive sector of aluminum products in Germany. Düpmann´s success is based on the one hand on the extreme stability of its welded aluminum constructions. On the other, their distinguished design and versatility is a definite plus point for the company.

Over the years, Düpmann Aluminium Systeme GmbH has proven itself to offer expertise to represent quality, reliability, and flexibility in performance and delivery.
We are a company that completely satisfies the wishes and demands of our customers  based on partnership.

The family-run firm Düpmann has broadened its program till today and became a successful enterprise in the field of exclusive  canopies, perfected and easy to install terrace roofs, practical vertical sliding windows, smooth-running framed and frameless sliding and folding units, protective carports, comfortable insect protection systems, and fixed elements.

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