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Düpmann canopy

more than 50 options for you to choose

We offer you individual handcrafted first-class canopies made from aluminum, stainless steel and all-glass with important advantages:

  • excellent quality
  • accuracy to the millimeter
  • 50 standard models.

A wide range of accessories are available in addition to the unparalleled individual portfolio:

  • size adjusted side panels
  • consoles
  • great number of variants color
  • choices of different illumination types.

Our production facility allows  us to  work on your individual requests:

  • ultra large canopies
  • all required dimensions and intermediate size
  • custom made designs.

The Düpmann Quality Seal guarantees:

  • usage of high quality and weatherproof materials
  • careful manufacturing
  • excellent stability with torsional strength
  • strict quality control.


Aluminum canopies

Düpmann Aluminum Canopies: Handmade in Germany

With a Düpmann Aluminum Canopy you will not get a mass product, but individually handcrafted quality branded with excellent quality and accurate production.

We manufacture our Aluminum Canopies with particularly high-quality production method: all corner and end points are not screwed but welded. They are then ground accurately before powder coated in an environmentally friendly process.

Aluminum Canopies that are manufactured with this unique type of production are durable, torsional, weather and scratch resistant.

With 40 standard models, our range of Aluminum Canopies is exceptionally wide. They can be complemented with different special equipment. Custom-designs are also available upon your requests.

Stainless steel canopies

Canopy Series EDEL (Stainless Steel Canopies)

Stainless steel is a consistent material, which keeps its beauty unchanged for many decades.

Canopies made of stainless steel can be integrated into every type of modem architecture and still remain a unique piece at your front. Stainless steel constructions seem to be airy due to their discreet transparency. Furthermore it is perfect for giving you and your guests classy and sophisticated protection.

All glass canopies

Canopy Series QUARZ (All-Glass Canopies)

Our frameless All-Glass canopies elegantly fulfill their protective function appearing almost floating. The modern quarz glass canopies safely protect against rain, wetness or snow. Due to their extreme airy construction, they leave the priority to any type of architecture.

These canopies are bolted directly to the masonry facade with stainless steel tension rods which is why they are so stable, secure and easy to install.

Quartz glass canopies are the cherry on top of your entrance!

Special equipment / accessories

Extras/ Accessories

Side Frames

For optimal weather protection and to complement your canopy we offer a selection of custom fitted side frames. Both canopies and frames are manufactured with our own Düpmann-aluminium-profiles. In addition, all colours are available according to our catalogue offering.


Complementing Düpmann- canopies, supporting-consoles are custom fitted and manufactured using 35 mm x 35 mm Düpmann-Universal profiles. The console surfaces are scratch- and weather protected by applying an environmental friendly powder coating.


In the evening hours, LED or halogen spotlights achieve a warm and secure atmosphere. They are quite an eye-catcher!

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