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Düpmann-folding systems can be folded in an open state to a narrow wing package and allowing a free view of the whole front - perhaps in your beautiful garden. Narrow aluminum profiles provide great stability, give a graceful appearance and allow an abundant supply of fresh air when folded.

The aluminum construction is made of either insulated or non-insulated profiles and can be customized into two to six-leaf plant - either inwards or outwards.

The spherical bearing roller trolleys, folding elements have a large smoothness. An optional flat threshold allows barrier-free access. Rotary wings can be equipped with handle and cylinder lock.







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Folding Doors cold

Folding Doors without insulation (cold)

In areas where no additional thermal insulation is required, the non-insulated folding door is the best choice.

  • Summer garden
  • Balcony
  • Outdoor sitting area
  • Windscreen
  • Room separation
  • Maintenance-free aluminum construction (hanging up) from non-insulated profiles
  • Optimum seal by magnetic seals (also in the area of the bands)
  • Adjustable roller carriage
  • Flat surface model of the lower slide rail possible
  • Compensation profile available
Folding Doors warm

Folding Doors with insulation (warm)

Strong- Warm – Thin

The thermally insulated ("warm") Folding doors meet the latest thermal insulation standards and has narrow widths. Aluminium Systems Düpmann also offers a highly insulated folding door, a U (f) value of up to 1.7 W / (m² K) and U (w) value <1.3 W / achieved (m² K).


  • Thermally insulated profiles with insulation glass
  • On the ground construction
  • Lockable door elements
  • Threshold-free, thermally insulated rail