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It's all about the frame…

Effective insect protection: weatherproof, wear-resistant and fireproof

Düpmann insect protection products give you the protection you need whilst visibly unnoticeable. They allow you to ventilate your rooms throughout the day without the need for  harmful sprays. With this, you can still enjoy the summer and winter breeze without having to deal with mosquitoes, flies, spiders, or wasps.

Screen the insects away…

The materials we use are of robust and professional quality, fireproof, wear-and-tear free, and have a high level of resistance  against all weathers. We have  a variety of choices available: e.g. tenter frames, curtains, ventiduct guards, hinged doors and windows, vertical and standard sliding doors. You also have the choice to select the color frames individually. For an unhindered view, choose our silver grey gauze.

The silk-like gauze screens offer additional uncomplicated protection against seasonal pollen from entering your living space.

For those with pets, consider our Pet screens that cannot be easily destroyed by your playful pets.

Tenter Frames

Tenter Frames

Tenter frames are extremely functional as they can be adjusted to fit any given window shape and size. In addition, they are a low-cost alternative. Tenter frames are easy to assemble even if there is just a little space available. They can be installed in windows made of aluminum, wood, or plastics and do not derail existing shutters.

Easy removing of the tenter frames is made possible due to existing hangers.

This feature prevents any interference during window cleaning. Nearly every window form can be equipped with a suitable tenter frame. Shapes such as triangles, trapezes round arches, or chamfers are possible.

Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors

A revolving door is an optimal solution for balcony doors or patio entries. This type of insect protection can be used on constructions with limited space available.

Düpmann has developed an integrated handle especially for such situations, allowing you to use existing elements like shutters without any detractions. In addition, the integrated handle serves to further stabilize the door frame. Damages are avoided by using a protective footplate at the bottom of the screen. Built-in magnet strips are used as closing devices, increasing the screen's ease of usage.

The construction of each revolving door or window is based on the given geometry of the architectural site.

Sliding Doors - & Windows Hanging-Sliding doors

Sliding Doors - & Windows Hanging-Sliding doors

Insect protection sliding elements are usually used to bridge large ranges, such as balconies, patios, winter or summer gardens, and balcony enclosures. For the most part, one-element sliding doors are delivered. However multi-wing elements are also available. The single frames have wear-free rollers, therefore making the whole construction maintenance-free. A newly designed handle offers convenient handling and in addition, stabilizes the whole construction frame.

A further solution has been developed by Düpmann Aluminium Systeme GmbH. Asides from our standard element a suspended door is also available to customers. This suspended door is fixed at the upper track of the construction thus eliminating a potential stumbling block at the bottom. This barrier-free solution is a significant surplus for you and avoids potential risks.

Roller Blinds Doors & Windows

Roller Blinds Doors & Windows

We also offer insect protection curtains manufactured to be rolled in either horizontal or vertical direction. Using high class materials it is possible to install the curtains on the inside or the outside of the building. The bottom parts of the blinds have a build in brush sealing. This prevents pests from entering. We especially recommend using our curtains for roof lights as our solution not only protects against insects. It is also a proven sun protectant.

The horizontal door blinds are available as either one or two part roller blinds. The two-door horizontal blinds are equipped with flexible fixation devices, making it possible to open the door at any given setting.

All doors can be accessed from the inside and outside.

We recommend an anti wind brush for mid size to large ranges, preventing the screens to be derailed.

Pleats for Doors & Windows

Pleats for Doors & Windows

Insect protection pleating is an ideal solution for sliding doors, winter gardens, balcony or patio doors. Insect protection pleating is available in four standard widths, each of which can be shortened or lengthened according to your specific needs. The standard widths are 950/ 1300/ 1600/ 1900 millimeter (approximately 37,5 / 51 /63 / 75 inches). Door heights between 1941 millimeters and 2440 millimeters (approximately 76,5 to 96 inches) can be accommodated. Advantages: - high-class quality assured product - easy to handle - lower guiding tracks with a height of 3 millimeters (approximately 1/8 inches) prevent stumbling - One-piece elements are expandable up to 1,90 meters (approximately 63 inches) - two-piece elements are expandable up to 3.80 meters (approximately 142 inches) - available in all RAL colors


  • High-quality product
  • Easy to use
  • Lower guide rail only 3 mm
  • One-piece up to 1.90 m extendable
  • Two parts even up to 3.80 m extendable
  • Available in all RAL colors

"Enjoy the fresh air and be safe from uninvited insects."

Light shaft cover

Lightwell cover

Ventiduct guards are available as simple frames with plexiglass and stainless wired gauze. All slanted elements are also equipped with stainless steel wired gauze for permanent ventilation, while the upward rain shield is supplied with structured plexiglass. Fastening angles are included.

Pollen Protection Screens & other Nets

Pollen Protection Screens & other Nets

Standard screen: 
Our products come with standard screens designed to be visibly unnoticeable and made from glass fibers. Additionally the following options are also available:

Pollen protection screens: 
How best can you keep your yearly allergies away? We have an all-purpose solutions with our pollen protection screens. They are barely visible and at the same time keep the insects at bay. After all, you deserve that undisturbed nap and enjoy some breeze.

Ask your retailer for Düpmann pollen protection screens!

Other Nets:

  • BetterView insect protection for a clearer view
  • Edelstahl robust and durable
  • Pet Screen pet safe insect screen

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