We take care that you will not run out of fresh air…

Permanent vents are thermal aerators and aspirators with a smooth regulator made of aluminum profiles Thermal separation is guaranteed due to two plastic profiles that envelope the inlaying aluminum profiles.

Two sealing brushes ensure that neither air nor moisture can enter the closed system. During open operation, perforated profiles prevent any type of pests to enter the interior. On either side of the vents, control levers are placed. By means of these levers the airflow can be smoothly regulated.

All permanent ventilators are available for the upper and lower profiles.


Application Version 1: On ISO glass
Version 2: Under ISO glass
Sound-proof open 29 db(A)
Profiles Window  - outside dimension = 24 mm
Glass assembly profile inner dimension = 30 mm
Ventilation Max. 45m³/h/m at 2 Pa.
Dimensions Total height = 94 mm excl. glass dimension =79mm
Standard colors White RAL 9016 / Eloxal E6/EV1 silver
Accessories Other RAL colours
Operate with a Shaft
Rubber Seal for Glass