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Our sliding doors and sliding windows

Sliding doors and windows are adding a sense of informality and air to living and workspaces: they provide protection against wind and rain and can be quickly unbolted and opened as needed. Sunlight means vitality and energy, affecting one's overall contentment. Slim aluminum profiles and large glass surfaces provide a sense of space. The usage of up to four tracks enables expansive opening widths. Different track numbers and sash variations offer the use of several opening combination possibilities. Window glazing of up to 24 mm thickness can be inserted. A conservatory annex can improve the quality of living and may upgrade the value of your home and property.


  • Conservatory:  can be placed underneath the balcony and/or terrace canopies.
  • Room divider:  division of large interior spaces
  • Wind protection and loggia
  • Designated smoking area/smoker pavilion


  • Slender profile face-view
  • Special roller carriages enable quiet running
  • Double brush-seal enable optimal tightness properties
  • Individual sash-positioning, enable easy access window cleaning i.e. the balcony

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